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Great content

Articles are very well written and cover interesting topics!

No music with my news :-(

I would have given this 4 stars but in recent weeks the app continues either to crash or turn off my music whenever an ad pops up. It used to be no problem at all, and Ive used this app for years. I love enjoying all the great news, especially the top ten breakdown for the day, on my subway ride to work. Having classical music on with the news is a morning ritual as well, which I am not willing to give up. Please fix and Ill gladly revise my review to 4 stars and come back to AP... Guess Ill be using the BBC app until this gets fixed...

App needs redesign

I love your news reports but I do not use you app because I do quick reads and your news titles are cut off because of the pictures

Freezes constantly!

Please update! I love this app, its the best for news BUT the current version freezes every few minutes- help!

New audio ads stop music

Ads are fine. Unwanted audio ads that play automatically and stop your music? No thanks. Youve lost a long time user.

Quits updating

For the past several months, this app had been broken and will just quit updating to give the latest news. This happens on three iPhones that I have. In two days, Ive had to delete and reinstall it to get it working again for one day. Fix it. It works perfectly on the other platform.


I usually like listening to music while reading the news, but this app seems to keep quitting out of other apps running in the background. Id appreciate it if...it didnt do that. Im not sure how it improves the experience.


I love not being able to find the notification you guys just sent me bro.

Ghost notifications are irritating

Not a terrible app but it bugs the heck out of me that I constantly get breaking news notifications that arent in the app when I swipe to it. It irks me even more that others have complained about this and the developer chooses not to address it.

No link after tapping notification

Tapping on a push notification doesnt directly open the relevant article. Wheres the article? Only opens to main menu

Great notifications, linking is busted

I love that it keeps me up to date but it kills me that I cant click on the notification and be taken straight to the story. If you could fix that, youd be my only news source.

The Best News Source

New interface brings news to life

Great news application

Gets me the important news in a timely and mobile friendly manner.

Fast and complete on breaking and all other news

When I want to know what is happening, I turn to AP. I also enjoy their "big story" concept." Thank you.

Horrible notification

Like many other users, I only get the notification on my lock screen. When I open the app, I cant access it. Contacted support numerous times and I only get directed to a forum. Useless app.

Used to be my go-to app

But not anymore. Wont update stories for a few months now. Looking to Flipboard, apple news, paper or huff post. Maybe even bbc.

AP App

The AP wire app is the most relevant news source on the web. Like having a mobile teletype machine! Ha ha!

My favorite

My favorite news source all!!

Notifications dont work

This is a reliable app for news, but when notifications show up on my lock screen and I swipe on them to unlock the phone, they do not lead to the story I was notified about. Furthermore, the search feature isnt super helpful.


Love reading the news as soon as it comes over the wire. No problems as far as I can tell at this stage.